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  • To provide effective, efficient and affordable medical services through its dedicated personnel to the general public.
  • To provide quality health care services from womb to tomb to all including the poor, neglected and needy members of the society.
  • To provide efficient community health services involving disease control, disease eradication programs and removing social evils.
  • To provide ongoing training and education for doctors, nurses, paramedical, general staff and community health workers.
  • To provide pastoral care to our patients and training for pastoral staff in the clinical field and to encourage home nursing programs.
  • To train personnel for community health services and social welfare programs.
  • To educate and orient patients on good health practices. To offer psycho therapeutic help and reach out programmed on an ongoing basis.
  • To do such lawful acts which are conducive to prevention or treatment of diseases and promote health and rehabilitation.
  • To be open to different systems of medicine.